What are “natural materials”

Natural materials, or organics, generally refers to discarded or post consumption food, food deemed unsuitable for consumption as well as wastewater. These materials come from residential homes as well as in industrial and commercial settings such as food processing plants, restaurants or grocery stores.

What are the benefits to the community if an anaerobic digestion facility is developed?

There are multiple benefits to the community, including many local job opportunities, potential municipal partnerships, and becoming a regional leader in renewable power or energy products generation which may bring further interest and investment to the area. Additionally, nearby agricultural communities can benefit from improved soil quality through use of the liquid and solid end products created by anaerobic digestion.

What is the difference between Anaerobic Digestion and Aerobic Composting?

Although composting and anaerobic digestion are both biological processes that decompose discarded natural materials, they are vastly different. Composting is an aerobic process, requiring the presence of oxygen; whereas anaerobic digestion requires the absence of oxygen.

What makes anaerobic digestion truly different and superior is that it always produces large quantities of valuable, clean, green, renewable energy in a manner that avoids common complaints with composting like odour.

Do anaerobic digestion facilities smell bad?

The Oshawa Anaerobic digestion facility will be entirely sealed and operate at negative pressure so that air is drawn into the building when doors are opened. All of the air from the building will be processed through an odour abatement system strategically designed to remove any odours that may occur internally.

Anaerobic digestion facilities are well received by communities because the process they use does not require the mixing of oxygen (air) and natural materials and is completed inside sealed tanks.

How would this new facility impact the surrounding area?

All aspects of the plant will be designed to mitigate impacts to neighbours. In many cases, where an existing facility is already present, converting to anaerobic digestion avoids impacts on surrounding communities.

Will an anaerobic digestion facility result in more traffic for the area?

Traffic studies do not show any dramatic increase in the area

Is the anaerobic digestion process proven and accepted locally?

Yes, the process is proven in Ontario as well as internationally

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