Redevelopment 1515 Thornton Rd N, Oshawa

Evergreen Sustainable Solutions is a future focused company dedicated to finding solutions to environmental problems facing communities. We use leading edge processes to unlock the potential of discarded, post-consumption or non-consumable food and wastewater materials. We process materials into renewable natural gas and energy products that can heat homes, power vehicles and produce nutrient rich agricultural products to improve soil quality, crop yield and reduce CO2 emissions.

Renewable natural gas produced by Evergreen has the potential to offset fossil fuels used in the local distribution pipeline, and the byproducts are nutrient rich materials that can be applied to farm lands to improve soil quality, while reducing fertilizer use.

For the 1515 Thornton Rd North site in Oshawa, now fully permitted, the process is anaerobic digestion. Anaerobic digestion is community friendly technology that reduces harmful emissions from organic materials that would otherwise contribute to climate change, while also creating value added energy products that would otherwise go to waste.

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